Success Stories

Elaine Hancock 

Elaine's Before & After video following 6 weeks of run technique and speed work. Elaine is a very good squash player and also runs for Pocklington Runners. Elaine has knocked 2 minutes off her parkrun time since we started and looks like a completely different runner. We still have more work to do on her strength but we don't expect to fix everything in 6 weeks. However, I do expect to see a big improvement and to educate the athlete on what they need to do moving forwards. 



This is Zachary after 6 Run Technique sessions. Zachary competes in triathlon and pentathlon. When he came to us, he ran at one speed regardless of distance. He is now running faster and able to run at different speeds. He is getting much faster and more controlled at DMS (dynamic movement skills) and we have 4 more sessions to work a little more on his technique and speed. He's showing lots of progress.




Ella represents Great Britain in the Pentathlon. This is Ella's before and after video following 6 Run Technique sessions. What a huge improvement! Her main goal was to improve her running biomechanics and speed. She has made massive progress with her technique, movement and control and we will be spending the next 6 sessions working on Ella's speed.


Katy Lakes

Katy Lakes runs for Yorkshire Wolds Runners. We worked with her for 6 sessions of Run Technique. After her 5th run technique session Katy ran a 6 minute Half Marathon PB (1:45 to 1:39:54) and she promises me that she will never run with a water bottle again! Amazing progress Katy, well done!



Vicky Webster

Vicky is a very keen runner and runs for Driffield Striders. We worked with her for 6 weeks focusing on her run technique. Vicky started running in 2015 and has gone from strength to strength. Her main goal is to increase her stamina and to continue enjoying running for as long as possible.


Lynn Wilson

Lynn started running 10 years ago and now runs with her running club Yorkshire Wolds Runners. Lynn has suffered a number of injuries and her main goal was to be able to build up to marathon distance injury free. We worked with her for 6 weeks to improve her run technique and to strengthen areas we discovered were weak and/or underactive.


Chris Andarade

Chris ran for York as a teenager but after suffering with knee injuries he stopped running. He started to run again 2 ½ years ago and but was still experiencing knee and ITB issues. We worked for 6 weeks with Chris to improve his run technique and to identify causes of his knee and ITB issues.


Loren Barnes

Loren is 12 years old. She is a fantastic horse rider and a very good footballer. We worked with Loren for 6 weeks to improve her run technique, speed and strength.

Jake Barnes

Jake is 9 years old and a keen footballer and gymnast. We worked with Jake to improve his straightline speed, multi-directional speed and run technique over a 6 week period. 

Gary Whiteley

Gary has suffered with achilles and calf injuries in the past and his main aim was to improve his speed over longer distances. We worked with Gary for 6 weeks to improve his run tehcnique.


Joanne Unsworth 

Following two stress fractures whilst training for marathons, we've worked with Joanne over a 6 week period to improve her run technique and to make she remains injury free during her training for Yorl Marathon in October.


Juliane Jameson

I have coached Jules for a number of Ultra races and her biggest achievement so far is the 103 miles she completed this year. Well done Jules!


Mike Holman

As well as aiming for a sub 1:30 half marathon, Mike has also started racing Ultra marathons, placing 36th in his first Ultra this year.

'Thanks for all your help, I couldn't do it without you'.


Tara Longworth

As well as completing numerous marathons and Ultra marathons, Tara is currently training for her 1st 100 mile race in 2018.

Gary Whiteley

As well as pushing for new PB's, Gary is also training for Marathon des Sables 2018!

Patrick Renehan

Patrick ran his first 10km race in 44:25 and his first half marathon in 1 hour 36mins!

'I am so grateful for all your teaching and help that you have given me since I met you. Thanks so much for everything. I have learnt sooo much under your teaching. Will hopefully bring the medal and this post has motivated me to definitely get a sub 45. Thanks soo much and hopefully, more runs to come.’

Rea Murray

After working with Rea on improving her running technique, she went on to succesfully complete her first marathon.


'Big thanks to you I did marathon in 4hr 17!! Given the terrain was in places genuinely steep with some long descents that were thin gullies with massive rocks and wet mud, I am well pleased. I felt like if it's been flat I could've done 4 hours. I came 28th out of 90 and the fastest woman took 3hr 30 - I feel comforted by that!

Key though - I am not injured!! I'll be back for cadence and speed work in 2 weeks, raring to go! 

 I really enjoyed this run and so much of that is thanks to you - nice one Rach!!'


Warwick Shepherd

New 5km PB of 19.32, new 10km PB of 41:00 and a new Half Marathon PB of 1:30:59!

Thanks Rachael. Couldn't have done it without you.'

Natalie Williams

‘Well, I smashed my PB by 10 mins. Thanks Rachael Hunt for making this possible. Thanks for all your support and opening my eyes to better training.’

Natalie beat her Half Marathon time by 10 minutes after completing my 90 Day On-line Coaching Program.

Debbie Smith

‘Thank you for giving us both this!! It came just when I needed it to, I needed something to motivate me, I was getting in a rut. 

I was pleased with my pacing, and I felt strong. A tough 3 miles to the finish but I got there. Thanks again for all your help, and for caring sooo much about your runners!! You're a fantastic coach!!! We could not have done this without YOU Rachael, THANKS! Xxx’


Debbie completed Manchester Marathon (her first marathon) in 3hours and 59 minutes after completing my 90 Day On-line Coaching Program.

Lindsay Rostron

'I was really pleased when I looked at my splits, my fastest mile was 10:13 and my slowest was 10:59 so I think we paced ourselves really well, we never stopped once and I didn't hit the wall at any point.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, I don't honestly think I could have done it without your help so thank you.

I have also enjoyed your positivity, every time I had a wobble your words got me through and brought me out of it and usually with a smile on my face.

I would highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in developing their running more.

When I finished on Sunday I said never again, but now I can walk and the pains have gone, you never know!'


Lindsay completed Manchester Marathon in 4 hours 39 minutes after completing my 90 Day On-line Coaching Program. 

Keith Halligan

'Since I've been working to your 90 day program towards the Manchester marathon, I have never felt more motivated in my life!

I have become a different animal, I am training like I never thought I could, fitter than I have ever been and loving every f@@king moment of it. The way the program works, the way I have to fill in my program every day and the way I (and you) analyse my training makes it perfect for me to give my very best effort. To be absolutely candid, I look forward to your feedback on a Tuesday like a kid waiting to see the results of an exam I'm particularly proud of. I've told Deb this and she says the same, we're both hooked.

Thank you for giving me (and Deb) the opportunity, it's given me an new lease of life and my motivation has never been greater.

I hope you don't mind me saying all this, I just thought you should know what kind of effect you've had.'

James Fletcher

'Again Rachael's training is shining through.

Unbelievable race today at the Liverpool half marathon. Rain so bad in places I was running with my eyes shut, hills (well not flat anyway!), mud.

Took over 5 minutes off my previous PB (on a flat, warm, pleasant course), all my improvements have been massive in the past 3months since dropping my high volume, long slow running and picking up some weights and intervals.

The proof is in the pudding guys I think I am a believer now.

Thanks Rachael.'

James and I at the Manchester Marathon 2015 where James ran a 3:09:31 Marathon beating his previous PB of 3:28!

Mandy Regenass

'Rachael says that it was my hard work that got my PB yesterday. To a certain extent I agree, however… I’ve always worked hard at running. To knock 5 minutes of my last PB takes more than hard work, it takes the correct training. I believe that the formulas Rachael applies to my training work; I’ve become faster and stronger. I believe that without her knowledge I would not have achieved that PB. So again Rachael, thank you.'

Mandy Smashed the 2 Oceans Ultra with a time of 4:44:13 (34.88 miles) and then 22 days later went out and got a PB at the London Marathon of 3:20:27!

Stephen Cordiner

'Your input has been massive for this race and more important than any miles I put in as technically I am in a completely different place in terms of being injury prone in the future.  This has been picked up on from just about everyone I run with from my brother to the running coach at stockport harriers who is massively into technique and drills.  It is one thing knowing/reading something but for it to follow through to actual running and be effective is what really matters.. Thanks.'

I'm a massive Rachael fan and her dedicated approach to strength and conditioning work has really changed my own approach to running.

Fiona Seymour

'I'm so pleased with the results of your coaching - I can hardly believe I could shave that amount of time off a run!' Fiona

Lou Dutch

'I was over the moon at knocking 30 minutes off my 46mile PB and still am, I can't praise Rach enough though, she totally rocks!!' Lou

Joanne Unsworth

'Marathon COMPLETED, Sub 50 10km COMPLETED! WHAT A HALF YEAR!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I!! You're just the best coach!!!! Thank you!!! My life has massively changed and this is all a part of it!!!!! Goals, Challenges, Peserverence!!! 'Joanne

Jacqueline Gough

'I've done your course and loved it.  I am a better runner than when I started and now I pay more attention to strength and all the prep and conditioning before I go for a run. Sometimes all you need is to know there is someone there to help you when you need it. Thanks Rachael!'


Jax SMASHED her first ever race in April 2015 with a 4.4 mile obstacle race - next on the list is a 5km!

Laura Nutall

I was nervous going into the marathon  as I suffered 'the demons' at the last marathon and obviously this was my first marathon without following a high mileage programme but I felt really good all the way round, didn't hit any walls, kept smiling and had a great race!!

I’m completely happy considering it was a tough and hilly course. Was amazed I managed to run the whole thing and didn't feel too fatigued - just achy by the end. Made a real conscious effort to keep my head up, take it all in and engage with other runners and marshals as much as possible.

Laura completedThe Wall Ultra (69 miles) in June 2015! Her first Ultra!

Nerys Lloyd-George

'I've really enjoyed the course, I personally liked the way you've delivered it, you explain things really well and you have my attention throughout. (That doesn't always happen!!).

I have been practising, stretching and doing strength work. Did a lovely 5 miler on sun just gone, kept focusing on one or two things you mentioned and I was doing 7.30 min mile without realising and no major aches or pain after, could feel my hamstrings and glutes working. Strength work is making a huge difference.'


Julianne Jameson

'I think the 90 Day Course has been brilliant. Thanks to the group and Rachael Hunt continues to inspire every day. We will not be average!!! 'Rachael gets in your head and makes you reach heights you never thought you would reach.'

Meg Hughes

'Am so glad I am on the programme with Rachael Hunt - feel so supported. I have really loved the training info and it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me in terms of what I can do to be a stronger faster runner.'

Mike Holman

'Great workshop Rachael. Good fun and quality information. Even feel motivated to stretch myself beyond my usual 10k!!!! Many thanks.'

Jane Holt

'I had a BRILLIANT workshop, thank you so much Rachael. I thought it was first rate: an in-depth look at Pose running with great running drills. Talk about value for money smile emoticon And in the company of a lovely group of people who I hope I will see again at another workshop. A 10 out of 10 from me.'

Ruth Travis

'Thanks for the great workshop. I haven’t felt so enthused about anything to do with running since I discovered Parkrun two years ago, which I suppose shows how tired, cynical and jaded I had become in relation to all things running. Really buzzing about what I’ve learnt and what the potential benefits could be. Great stuff.'

Steve Jones

At the age of 40, I weighed in at 16 stone, my mobility and flexibility was poor and my back was starting to get a little “twitchy”.   My health and weight as I approached the big 4 ‘oh’ was far from acceptable to me, and if I’m honest, I’d always been ashamed of my weight, how I looked and knew a lot of my ‘joker’ personality came from a deep seated lack of self confidence.

To check out Steve's FULL story, click below:


Paul Hinton

Paul lost 5 1/2 stone and completed the London Marathon in 2014!

"It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve watched the Great North run and the London marathon on the TV for years and always said ‘one day, I’ll do it’. But there have always been people in my life telling me that I could never do it and that has stopped me until now.

Paul has continued running and has gone on to smash his PBs and is improving every day!

Jill Jones

When I first met Jill she stuggled to run round a rugby pitch! This year in 2015 she completed the London marathon in 4hrs 47 minutes and has now entered Paris Marathon 2016 to chase sub 4:30!

'It's easy to make excuses why you shouldn't do it, but if you want it badly enough there is always a way!'


'Thank you to Rach for an amazing experience. The London Marathon has been on my bucket list for many years, but really as a pipe dream as I TOTALLY did not believe I could ever run a marathon. Rachael not only prepared me physically but I think probably more importantly made me believe that anything really is possible!'